Tecnical Details

Notes for technical details:

Time of the show:   45 min
Space needed:         12m x 10m on even surface
Time to set up:         3 hours
Time to put down:    2 hours  

Rigging Points for the tight rope structure:

It is necessary to find 2 very strong anchorpoints, in order to fix the sides of the cable
for the tightrope structure(tree, lamppost, pillar etc..). The distance between anchorpoints has to be at least 12 m, and should not be superior to 18 m.
the force to be sustained is about 2500 kg on each point. We will attach nylon strings at ground level.

It is possible to rig with the van, in case of emergency. In this case 1 anchorpoint will be attached to the van. In order to avoid sliding also the van has to be attached somewhere, but therefore much less force has to be sustained.

Also it is possible to use counterweights of at least 1500 kg for each side.
We also can plant anchors on the ground, the same as it is done for the rigging of traditional circus tents.

Weather sensibility:

For reason of safety (two people on the tight rope) it is difficult to perform for us under rainy weather. While actually raining it is very difficult to perform, if not impossible. We have possibility to semi-cover at least the tight rope, but could have problems with time schedule, if rain stops shortly before the show.
We could appreciate the  possibility to rig under protected conditions.

Los Filonautas can provide their own light and sound service.

It is required common electricity, not more than 1500 Watt needed,
 without lighting  500 Watt are enough.

You are welcome to provide seating.



New Freestanding Tightropestructure!!!