History and Creations
The historic roots of the “Compagnia del’Astronauta” can be found in the companies of  Commedia dell’Arte, the jesters and in small circus travelling freely, performing at markets, fairs and townsquares from passed centuries up to a time not so long ago.
The particular story of  “Compagnia del’ Astronauta” starts in Germany in the year 1988, with a first voyage in a circustrailer, pulled by a tractor (20 km/h).
Being on the road was the main aim of the trip: leaving its own place in order to discover other, travelling with its own home, meeting and getting to know people, performing as an exchange. Bringing news and notions from another world, where have been created forms of expression like acrobatics, juggling and equilibristic.
Performance and music in that way take part of  the life of the travellers as means of vital expression as well as to gain their living.
After the first trip follows the second, which leads the company to France and Italy, and which , in some ways still is continuing.
In the year 1990 starts the collaboration with “Circo Bidone”, small circus with French origins. Similar in spirits, also “Circo Bidone” was following the concept to present the show outside official circuits, performing in villages and small towns.
After the circus “L’Astronauta” again is travelling as busker mostly in Middle and South of Italy.
Throughout the years many collaborations and exchanges with other artists have taken place, as well as numerous performances have been presented to the public, so that nowadays “Compagnia del’ Astronauta” is a well known and requested company of street theatre. Besides “Circo Bidone” and the soloshow “Andreas L’Astronauta” the following shows have been created:
  • 1992/93: “Il Filo Forte”, company of fools, Forte Prenestino, Rome
  • 1995/96: “The White Houses Band”, Musiciens and Streetperformers
  • 1996/97: “Granpan”, comic show with Albert o’ Grampied, first time including tight rope number
  • 1998: with “Art de Pazz’”, production: “The other moon of Professor Pernaque”
  • 1999: “La Banda dell’Oca”, commedia contemporanea, with “Teatro dell Mattacino” and Claudia Formica
  • 2001/2002: “Il Concerto Cosmico”: Grace and Disgrace of the diva Rosaura and her servante Giovanni, with Silvia Poggianti
  • 2003/2004/2005:”Il Viaggio nello Spazio”, the adventures of Professor Zweistein and his assistant Miss Torretta, with Franca Pampaloni
  • 2007 starting the Project "Los Filonautas": theatre almost entirely on the tightrope
  • from 2008 touring with "Los Filonautas" in Europe and Southamerica