Sul Filo e Dintorni
Sul Filo e Dintorni

The Cultural Association “Sul Filo e Dintorni” (“On the Wire and Around”) was founded in February 2010 in Orvieto, Italy.
Its aims are qualification and promotion of cultural offers, including theatre, circus, comunication, education, and arts in general.

Part of its activity is the work of “Los Filonautas” in streettheatre, on festivals and cultural events.

Other than that the Association offers activities in the area of education, education to movement and specialisation for artists:
  • Workshop Circus for Children
  • Specialisation for Artists: Tightrope, Acrobalance,
  • Workshop freetime for Adults: Acrobatic movement and circus
  • Projects Education to Movement in school and kindergarden
Trainig space and Residence:

The association gives training space and space for creation to theatre – and circusgroups:
  • Covered training space 8m X 10m
  • Trainig space in the open with possibility to rig struttures: trapeze/aeral, tightrop/slackwire
  • Quiet nature surroundings
All details in contact with “Los Filonautas”.